TxHCI Seminar Organizers

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in presenting your work at our weekly seminar.

1594705421971.jpeg txhci
Texas A&M

Nahyun Kwon (Main Coordinator)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Jeeeunkim.jpeg ha
Texas A&M

Dr. Jeeeun Kim
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Texas A & M

Yamagami headshot.jpg txhci
Rice University

Dr. Momona Yamagami
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice U

Wechatimg8840.jpeg txhci
Texas A&M (Currently Carnegie Mellon University)

Dr. Meng Xia
Computer Science and Engineering
Texas A & M

Steering Committee

Dr. Cesar Torres (UT Arlington) cearto@uta.edu
Dr. Samantha Shorey (UT Austin) sshorey@utexas.edu
Please contact Dr. Torres for issues or suggestions regarding this website.