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Are you interested in presenting at the TxHCI Seminar?
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Talk Formats

Full Talk (18 Minute Talk / 12 Q+A)

The goal of a full talk is to disseminate the latest research topics that are in the broad spectrum of HCI. We also welcome students who may want to give a practice talk for their upcoming conference presentations, to solicit feedback and encourage discussion about future directions. The recommended theme of the talks are (but not limited to):

Position talk (e.g., what are the most important future research questions in the field of XX and why?)
Special topics in HCI
Conference style presentation about a recent project
What is XX (e.g., Agent-Robot Collaboration, Computational Creativity, AI-Augmented Learning, etc.)?
Your talk may include the following, but new, late-breaking styles are always welcome:
Motivation & Background
Latest approach in a similar domain
(Expected) Results
Discussion & Outlook
Work-in-Progress (WIP) Talk (10 min Talk, 20 min discussion)
The role of the work-in-progress talk format is aimed at soliciting advice, suggestions, or critique of your work, albeit not fully mature, from the TxHCI community. The format follows:
10-minute presentation
20-minute discussion
Your abstract should specifically state the type of feedback you are looking for which could include:
thesis directions
research methods/experimental design
problem framing
technical issues
These presentations thrive when you pose open-ended questions to your audience. Consider:
Posing 2-3 directions you can take on a particular design decision.
Showing where your prototype is failing and the design principle you are aiming to satisfy.
Communicating the research venue including the intended conference, journal, or research community.
Presenting a figure and its intended message.
Please avoid using this format to present work that is publication-ready. A video recording will not be published online unless otherwise requested. You will be provided with a link to your recording.
Roundtable (15 guided discussion, 10 minute open dialogue)
The roundtable format aims to illuminate multiple perspectives on a topic of interest through discussion between 3 participants. The format follows:

5-minute introduction of speakers (by the organizers)
15-minutes of discussion among participants
10-minutes of open dialogue among TxHCI community
The speaker will recruit their 2 conversational participants. Topics of discussion might be a shared object of study, methodology, challenge facing the field etc. Potential topics might include:
Teaching HCI Virtually
Social Agents
Human-Robot Collaboration
Tangible UI
CS4ALL (Computing Education)