Fall 2020

Anastazja Harris

Anastazja Harris

Ph.D. Candidate
UT Austin


Friday, 12/04/20 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (Central)


Exploring Applicant Perspectives of AI Interviewing Technology

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Advancing technology has increasingly automated the hiring process, resulting in computer algorithms mechanically processing application materials and evaluating applicants’ interview responses. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have been used to analyze applicants’ communication during online, asynchronous interviews to predict job-related qualities, including communication skills and personality traits. Many people claim that using AI decreases hiring bias citing algorithms as less biased than humans. However, research must address the perspective of potential applicants as interviewee perceptions are connected to interview performance and organizational attractiveness. This presentation will share pilot data from focus group interviews that explored college student job seekers' perceptions of AI interview technology. The discussion will focus on exploring perceptions from people with varying levels of understanding about artificial intelligence.


Anastazja G. Harris is a Ph.D Candidate at The University of Texas at Austin where she studies Organizational Communication & Technology. Her research interests include using technology at work, team communication, and communication during human-AI interaction. She serves as the Lab Manager for the OPTIC Lab (Organizing Practices through Technology, Information, and Communication) and the Lead Graduate Research Assistant on an NSF-funded human-AI teaming project. Outside of research, she also teaches an undergraduate course on Team-Based Communication at UT Austin.